Why Sing?

The obvious answer is because it’s fun, and singing in a choir is a very sociable (and cheap) night out. But perhaps these reasons aren’t enough for you. Maybe you need a more worthy reason to join our choir. Let’s see if I can convince you.

John Harvey Kellogg – yes, he of cornflake fame once said, “Singing promotes health, breathing, circulation and digestion.

It seems that Mr. Kellogg knew a thing or two, and not just about breakfast cereal!

Recently there has been increased interest in the physical, psychological and emotional benefits of singing.

Canterbury Christ Church University’s Sidney de Haan Centre undertakes studies into singing and health. Researchers there believe  the NHS should provide singing on prescription.

Professor Grenville Hancox is the Director of Music at the university and also the co-director of the research centre. He is convinced that music is a powerful tool.

Our research has involved international choirs. Over 12000 people identified particular benefits of regular group singing, including specific examples of people who say it helped them recover from strokes and heart attacks.”

The research available on singing identifies many benefits including:

  • Exercise of the major muscle groups in the upper body.
  • Improved efficiency of the cardiovascular system by encouraging increased oxygen consumption.
  • Increased alertness and brain function – partly due to the increased oxygen use and partly due to the good mental workout learning songs and singing in time provides.

Aerobic activity (activity which uses oxygen, like singing) is a great stress-buster and is linked to longevity and improved health.

When we sing the body releases lots of endorphins, which are our feel-good hormones, so singing actually makes us happy and research has shown that happy people are less likely to become sick and recover more quickly when they do

So you can see singing is not only fun and sociable, it’s as good for our physical and mental well-being as walking or yoga.

Surely that has convinced you to come and join us. We look forward to meeting you.

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