Do Something New in 2018 – Join Raunds Community Choir

Hands up who has broken their New Year’s resolution already?

So many New Year’s resolutions are about depriving ourselves; I will lose weight; I will cut out alcohol / chocolate / crisps. How about making a resolution to give yourself something…

Here are six benefits of joining Raunds Community Choir

Singing is relaxing – It’s a brilliant stress-reducer. When we sing we learn to breathe more deeply which is great for relaxation. Singing also releases the chemical oxytocin in our brain, which is a stress-relieving hormone.

Singing makes us happy – Singing releases endorphins in our brains. These are ‘happy hormones’. If we are feeling low singing for 20 minutes or more promotes feelings of well-being.

Singing improves confidence – When we learn a new skill we get a sense of achievement which spills into other areas of our lives. You don’t have to be able to read music to join our choir, and you certainly don’t have to think of yourself as good singer (though good singers are always welcome!). You will learn tips and techniques in a fun supportive atmosphere. There’s no audition and you won’t be expected to sing solo…unless you want to! Each week you will learn a bit more and by the end of your first term you will be amazed how much you’ve progressed.

Singing is good for our social life – We are a friendly local group. Come along and meet us.

Singing is good for our health – Singing is an aerobic activity so it increases the amount of oxygen in our blood, exercises muscle groups in the upper body, increases lung capacity, is good for the heart and has been shown to boost the immune system.

Singing is good for our brain – It forges new neural connections, enhances our memory, concentration and awareness.

So why not forget your broken resolutions and make a new one. Join Raunds Community Choir in 2018. Our first rehearsal is on Tuesday January 16th at 7:30pm in St Peter’s Community Hall opposite Spar, in Raunds.

We will be learning new songs so everyone will be starting from scratch, so now is a great time to join.

See you on Tuesday!