Interesting Links

Here you’ll find links to interesting sites and articles about singing.

How a choir works

This is a really informative video-link from the BBC’s ‘Sing’ website. it explains everything you need to know about a choir and how it works.

Apps for Singers

Most of us carry now around a powerful aid to singing in our pockets. There are some clever, and fun apps which will help with pitching, rhythm, and sight-singing.

I researched some singing apps on the RCC blog here.

The apps are listed and reviewed on the blog but listed again below.

iPhone / iPad only

Sing True

Sight Singing

iPhone / iPad and Android devices

Voice Training – Learn to Sing

Piano Keyboard 

Virtual Piano

Useful for playing notes when practising. Thank you to Sop Clare for this one.

There are very similar apps available for Android devices.