Roll On September

Seems I’m not the only one missing choir. Julie Burgess sent me this poem today:

Roll on September!
Tuesday nights are not quite the same
During the summer break……..
I’ve tried a quick swim – and walks up the lane
And biked around Stanwick Lake,
I’ve tried solo songs – reminiscing
Of concerts, from previous seasons,
But “something” is simply “missing”
And I’ve just realised the reasons!
A musical space in my time, is unfilled,
‘Though “rests” are important, of course!
For on Tuesdays, at Choir, I just feel sort of “thrilled”
By the powerful musical force!
We listen – except when we’re chattery!
We strive with songs known – and unknown.
We smile at the praise and flattery,
(Occasionally of course, we groan!)

We all persevere with notation,
Make those harmonies fit into place.
We memorise sections – (well, sort of!)
And work hard with dynamics and pace.
With Sally up front as the driver
And Chris adding strength to the show,
It all comes together for concerts
And other events – hey presto!
When I sing with that great group of locals
(And a few from much farther afield!)
The challenge of “stretching my vocals”
Makes the stresses of life somehow “ healed”.
There’s Altos, sopranos and basses
And tenors – some, lower, some higher.
All singers with smiling faces ……
That’s what makes Raunds Community Choir!
Yes – Tuesdays will be back to normal
When “R.C.C.” congregate.
So – make sure I’m on that list – formal!
Roll on September – can’t wait!

Er …. P.S. Ooops! Apologies, can’t make the first session as holidaying again!!!